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Life After You (2926 words, Sam can’t stay at Stanford any longer now that he’s realised what he really wants. AU from Stanford. With art by lightthesparks. PG-13)

Reassurance (1186 words, Written for the prompt: ‘Dean wearing Sam’s hoodie.’PG-13)

Too Green to be Cool (2620 words, The Winchesters have never had much luck in Colorado. A violent wood spirit doesn’t help matters. PG-13)

Happy Reunion (2668 word. Set just after 6.06. The boys try to fix Sam. NC-17.)

Flaunting It (701 words, Sam isn’t sure what’s going to happen when his Dad finds out about his relationship with Dean. PG-13.)

Improvements (Around 1,300 words, Written for the prompt: ‘Sam/Dean – first kiss.’ PG-13)

Responsibility (1,607 words, Even after hunting for years, Sam still sometimes does stupid things in churches. R.)

Calver Ridge (23,876 words, Dean Winchester was kidnapped when he was four years old. Years later, Sam Winchester visits Calver Ridge during a break from Stanford and doesn’t expect much to happen aside from a few drunken nights out with friends. Instead, he meets a man called Dean. A holiday from school quickly turns into something much, much more important. But, as Sam and Dean grow closer, Sam’s past as a hunter resurfaces and threatens to ruin his present. And Dean, unhappy and fighting with his overbearing parents, discovers that monsters hide both in the dark and in plain sight. NC-17.)

Follow You Home (10,681, Killing Lilith stopped the final seal from being broken but left Sam and Dean with a lot of problems to sort out. Fighting his addiction to demon blood and striving to be honest with Dean, Sam tells his brother something that he can never take back and everything changes. Season Five AU.NC-17. With art by lightthesparks.)

First Christmas (Castiel spends Christmas watching Sam and Dean. PG-13.)

A Soul's Worth (This was Sam; he knew it, knew the guilty look in his eyes, the way he bit his lip when he was worried. But he had to be sure; Sam had lied to him before. PG-13)

Adjusting (Sam and Dean kiss. Dean deals with it badly. PG-13.)

The Links We Share (Sam and Dean are bonded together after a ritual gone wrong. While they’re adjusting to their new situation, the brothers still have to deal with the realities of hunting. PG-13. Pre-slash)


The Deserving Son (566 words, pre-series, John checks on Sam at Stanford. PG-13)

In Hindsight (690 words, In hindsight, nothing Sam had done with Ruby had been a good idea.PG-13)

Not Every Day (It’s not every day that Sam wakes up to overhear Dean talking – very amicably – to a demon. PG-13)

A Helping Hand (Set before Lucifer’s fall from Heaven. A short scene between two brothers. PG-13)

A Very Winchester Christmas (For the prompt ‘brotherly love at Christmas. PG-13)

A Bit of Give and Take (Short coda to 6.10. PG-13)

Stubborn Jerk (Dean gets into a bar fight. Sam intervenes. PG-13)


Small Things (605 words, Castiel shows up at the brothers' motel room torn up and exhausted from the civil war in heaven, and Dean takes care of him. PG-13)

Stranded (606 words, Dean and Castiel get snowed in. Dean worries. Cas worries. They find a solution.PG-13)

It Tastes Better (635 words, Dean and Cas drink a little too much eggnog. PG-15.)

Ice-cream Sundaes (655 words, Written for the prompt ‘Dean/Cas : ice-cream sundaes’. PG-13)


Just Another Day (It’s just another normal day with Lisa and Ben and Dean is thinking about Sam. PG-13. Some Dean/Lisa.)

Surviving (Originally written for the prompt: 'Between S5 and S6, Dean/Lisa and/or Sam/Dean, Dean trying to figure out how to save Sam' at a comment meme. PG-13. Dean/Lisa with mentions of Sam/Dean)



Pages Turn (21,580 words, written for spn_j2_bigbang 2011, When Jensen Ackles – artist, bookworm and attempted ex-smoker – moves into a new area, finding a bookstore is his top priority. Soon enough, he ends up spending most of his time in one particular store, with one particular member of staff: a man named Jared. But for someone who, since the death of his brother, seems to end every social occasion sitting outside on his own, Jared is a scary prospect and Jensen has to work out whether it’s a risk worth taking. NC17)

Good Ideas (3,266 words, Jensen hates sushi but, when he orders some for his best friend, Chris, the delivery guy is hot so he keeps on ordering. R)

And Then There Was Jared (2887 words, Jensen doesn’t quite know how to react when a random florist named Jared starts to give him presents. PG-13)

Staying Young (1,805 words, Jared tries to cheer up Jensen, who is being kind of grumpy after a bad day at work.PG-13.)

The Important Questions in Life (4,449 words, After a bad night out with his friends, Jensen takes a chance and joins a chat room. He doesn’t expect anything to happen but then he meets ‘jimjams’, a guy from Texas, and things start to change. PG-13)

The Right Note (4,088 words, Jared decides that it’s about time he learnt to play an instrument. Jensen helps out.NC-17)

In-Flight Entertainment (1,884 words, Jared doesn’t so do well on planes. Lucky for him, Jensen is used to helping nervous flyers. PG-13.)

Sweet Cravings (Jensen is a baker and Jared is his favorite customer. 2,115 words, PG-13)

Looking After Jensen (Written for the prompt: 'Jensen is sick (nothing serious) and Jared takes care of him and cuddles him like the awesome boyfriend he is'. PG-13)

Enclosed Spaces (Jared and Jensen get stuck in a lift. AU. First time fic. NC-17)

Draw Me a Map (Jensen gets the wrong idea when he comes home to find Jared with an old friend. 3,800 words. PG-13.)

A Token Gift (Written for the prompt: ‘A fic with J2 and a lot of kissing.’ PG-13.)


Home (Jeff comes home after three weeks away. PG-13)

Have a Little Patience (Jeff has had a really bad day. Unusually grouchy, he inadvertently hurts Jensen's feelings. Seeing the error of his ways, Jeff finds a way to make it up to Jensen. 1,165 words. PG-13)

In the Nick of Time (Jensen gets harassed by some OMCs, Jeff gets protective, PG-13.)


On the Road (1040 words, No matter how much you like someone, life on the road can always cause tension. PG-13)



One Year On (462 words, Cora remembers and wonders.PG - 13)

Hall of Mirrors (1,523 words, Set after The Carnival Job. Nate has a habit of thinking a lot, Eliot is aware.PG-13)

Cryptic Shenanigans (531 words, It all starts with a rubix cube. It goes downhill from there. PG-13)

Only Fools and Sophies (Crossover with Only Fools and Horses, 1513 words, Sophie’s latest grift isn’t her idea of elegance at all; babysitting the winners of a painting competition and bailing amateur grifters out of trouble just wasn’t how she’d imagined a week in Spain. PG-13.)

In Safe Hands (812 words, Sometimes, it’s necessary to interact with the law. PG-13)

We Pass in the Night (We Pass in the Night, A late night trip to a museum proves more interesting than usual for Maggie Collins. PG-13. Crossover with Supernatural)


The One Step Too Far Job (20,866 words, Season 4 AU from The Fifteen Minutes Job onwards. Relations between Nate and Eliot have been tense ever since Moreau but neither of them are ready to talk about it. A job that’s more complicated than it first seems brings their problems to the surface and forces them to face up to themselves and to events that occurred years earlier as the hitter and the mastermind fight to survive being kidnapped and the fallout of confessions. Written for thebigbangjob 2011. R. With art by whiskyinmind and _bounce_)


A Little Patience (928 words, Eliot and Hardison argue over Hardison’s gummy frogs.PG)


Finding a Place (Downton Abbey. 494 words, Thomas ponders what he’s going to do next. PG-13)

Coffee (90210, Teddy/ Ian. Teddy and Ian bond over coffee. Sequel to ‘Finally’. PG-13)

Finally (90210, Teddy/Ian. Sometimes, people get happy endings. PG-13)

Expectations (Oceans 11, Danny meets Rusty’s family. It doesn’t go well. PG-13)
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