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06 May 2014 @ 02:34 pm
Mission 7 is beginning!  

Love the Avengers? Still squeeing over Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Captivated by Agents of SHIELD?

(image by the lovely cardboardcornea)

avland is a land comm I run that is devoted to the MCU movies, and also allows entries for Agents of SHIELD.
Mission 7 is about to begin so it's a great time to join, or to come back (we love past members returning!)

If you're not sure what a land comm is, or want to find out more about avland specifically, there is an faq post or,
of course, you can ask me seeing as I, you know, run it *G*

We're a pretty relaxed, fun (I hope!) community and it's a great, safe space to celebrate the MCU verse by creating
fanworks and completing other challenges. Hope to see some of you there!

FAQ/RULES                           Apply to a team                 Page-A-Mod/Megan